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Tantric massage in Barcelona Noa''s Secret

The massage tantric or tantra massage is a massage that stimulates the most erogenous areas of the body to reach a state of relaxation and release pleasant.

The times, each time faster, the stress, the routine, accumulate the energy in our body. Tantra massage channel all that energy and directs it gently, through the enjoyment, to release it in a end of ecstasy that leaves your body relaxed and your mind clear.

What is tantra massage?

There are many ways of tantric massage, though all have in common the release of energy through the enjoyment of the sensuality. Therefore, the tantric massage is typically done with the naked bodies: the touch of the skin of the bodies awakens and stimulates the erogenous zones of both men and women. In this sense, the tantra massage is a massage very erotic.

Our body is strongly erógeno. The tantric masseuses know how to use your body and his own, in addition to hands, to get the most out of this virtue of the human body. That's why the tantra massage is a massage of self-knowledge. Thanks to him, you will meet a lot of your body better and new ways of enjoyment in parties that you didn't know they could be so pleasurable. You will find eroticism in areas unsuspected.

The tantric massage can also include the parts erogenous par excellence: the limits to you, with the masseuse.

What are the benefits it gives me the tantric massage?

Tantra massage has many benefits beyond the pleasure end. Many people seek instant gratification, but we want to go a step further and extend the enjoyment all along the way, so that the end is only the natural consequence of a process pampered, taken care of and fun.

Find pleasure in details, in the process, makes you connect with the present, and this brings therapeutic benefits:

  • Alleviates sadness. To connect with the now pulls our mental focus from the past.
  • Reduces anxiety. When we live the present, we're not trying to control the uncertain future.
  • Relieves stress. The acumulacíón stress is one of the evils of our time, and very harmful to the health. The enjoyment, fun and pleasure are essential for the responsibilities we don't drown and lead a happy and healthy life.
  • Stimulates the senses. Through stimulation, especially of touch, connect with your body and it responds grateful. It releases endorphins, the nerve connections sensitive are sharpened, your energy flows freely.
  • Tantra massage as a form of self-knowledge. Do you think that you know your body? Do you know your erogenous zones? You will be amazed by finding the pleasure in areas that just prestabas attention.
  • Improving sexuality. The tantric massage will help you to reconnect with your body, with your sensuality. The exploration of sensitive and have a greater understanding of your body benefits your sexuality: the extends and enriches it.
  • Increased creativity. The new practices take us out of our comfort zone. This is a challenge for the internal growth. Develop new connections, increases creativity.
  • Release. Get out of the routine, experience new ways to enjoy, it helps us to break the mold, barriers and precepts, and to see the world as a much bigger place, full of new things to discover.

The massage tantric Noa''s Secret in Barcelona

If you've read until here, now you know what are the values of Noa and why our tantra massage is always recommended experience. We believe in the pleasure, in the care, fun and respect for the body, that is, the tool life. That's why our tantric massage are not like the others.

The tantric massage Noa massages body to body, interactive. We believe that the ideal tantra should not have barriers sensitive, and that is why our massage therapists put every inch of his skin at the disposal of the mutual pleasure. With them you will be able to explore the body in its fullness erogenous, both with your own body as the touch of your hands. To facilitate the contact and ensure the fullness sensitive, will guide your body through a series of tantric postures that will not leave any part of your body without knowing the pleasure.

Our tantra massages also include massage lingam massage yoni, that is to say, the massage specifically the genital area of the man and the woman. We believe that this is only one of the parties to the pleasure of the human body, one of many, and that's why we encourage you to discover many more with us. However, we know that it is an important part of your pleasure, and that's why we assure that we will give you all the care you need.

In Noa''s Secret need a room just for you and the massage therapist of your choicein a secret location in the centre of Barcelona. Privacy is assured: you won't find with anyone else, space is just for you. We believe that discretion is essential to the total liberation, and that's why we provide you with a space that will be only yours.

Types of massage tantra Noa''s Secret Barcelona

  • Nuru Secret. Includes the gel nuru, for your sensory stimulation and sensitive to be even higher. Your bodies glide fluids in our oil nuru silk. The massage nuru Noa raises the essence of tantra, by adding this new touch to the body, as well as the aroma of the oil: the inclusion of nuru increases the stimulation and sensuality.
  • Fifthy Shades of Noa. Fetish pure for disfrutones. Our Fifthy Shades gives a step further and dress up the massage as you like in order to subsequently undress her. In Noa''s Secret we like to play, because we believe that the fun is health. Optionally, this massage includes two completions. Also gives you the opportunity to explore your prostate area, if you want to. You only have to ask for it. If you're not yet ready or it's just not going with you, she will pass by. It does not matter: there are a lot of body to enjoy.
  • 4 Hands Secret. One of our massages are more popular: with the four hands massage Noa you will not have a masseuse but two. Includes erotic game, the option to prostate massage (only if you ask), and finally a glass of cava or wine, so you will stay dry.
  • Deluxe Secret. Our star massage. Starts with a sensual dance that erizará your body: your skin is ready for contact with yours. After the tantric massage, which includes the prostate area only if you want, we come to the erogenous zones for excellence. The release is the best kept secret on the lips of Noa...
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