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Frequently asked questions

We share with you the most frequently asked questions among our customers, if you are also yours. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, give us a call or write a WhatsApp to the 654 98 98 78 and we will be delighted. Don't stay with the doubt!

About us

Noa''s Secret is a center of erotic massages with rooms in the centre of Barcelona, but we also have service to hotels. On our home page, we explain in detail what is an erotic massage. Also we will tell you what types of erotic massages there are. All of them are included in our letter of massage.

About your security and privacy

Noa''s Secret does not share your data, including the contact form that you give us. Why never you will find information about you in the hands of any third party, for our part.

Our masseuses do not have access to your data: the recruitment is done through the management of Noa, which is dedicated to the appointment to the taste of the two parties, completely professional and aseptic.

Never will you cross them with another client, or when entering or leaving, because when you hire our services you are booking one of our lounges. This space will be for you and the masseuse or masseur you choose, in exclusive. We do not make more than one booking at a time in the same place, and we always leave time between sessions to ensure your privacy and to carry out the measures of hygiene.

The commitment of the sole discretion of Noa, as well as his years of experience, you can be sure that this type of details are perfectly cared for. In the movements of your card you will not have any concept related to the services you hire. We guarantee that there is nothing suspicious, or engaging in our proof.
We take very seriously the hygiene and disinfection of the center. Our facilities are cleaned thoroughly with antibacterial products after each visit and we also do a disinfection with ozone. If the client requests it, we can use masks during the entire session.

Our masseuses and their services

Before getting to you, and all the staff of the center has gone before by a thorough training supervised by the very Noa. Until she is not sure as to ensure the required quality of service, the new masseuse will not be announced. In addition, the staff of Noa''s Secret account with continuing training to keep abreast of all the new techniques.

Yes, it is possible, always and when the masseuse agrees and feel comfortable with the variations of the massage. We care for the satisfaction of our customers and we have as a company policy to ensure the comfort and security of our professionals.

We have prices from 120 €. The prices vary depending on the type of massage and the time that goes from 30 to 60 minutes.

Normally, our customers are so comfortable during the session you ask us extra time. In these cases we do a special price for this extra time, to ensure the satisfaction of our dear customers.

All people are welcome to Noa''s Secret, regardless of sex or gender. We have a massage for all bodies and tastes, and the massage therapist you choose what suit and what will customize for you. In addition, it will soon be available through our massage service for couples.

In Noa''s Secret we reserve the right of admissionif you do not follow the minimum standards of respect, education and hygiene. Nor do we provide these services to people who do not yet have the age of majority.

All you need to know about your appointment

In the first place ask punctuality. For a session is pleasant, it is very important to the personal hygiene. We have in our center, a bathroom with a very nice atmosphere where you will have at your disposal everything you need to be comfortable and washing.

You should also take care of the treatment towards masseuses: in this sense, I ask you to be polite and very delicate in the treatment towards them. If you have any suggestions or requests during the massage, you must communicate in a polite and respectful.

After the visit, if you have any comments, questions or doubts, we recommend get in touch with the agency. We also like to know that you are satisfied with the service received.

We want the session to develop with peace of mind, so that we take care of the tone of voice in the meetings. We ask for respect, education and hygiene.

How to make an appointment with us

You can book by WhatsApp or phone call. Our center works only with appointment to ensure discretion and anonymity of our clients. Not supported visits to the centre without an appointment.

We are open from Monday to Friday from 9 to 22:30. On holidays and weekends from 11 to 21.

If you need to reschedule your appointment, you should notify us at least 1 hour before the meeting.

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